Hello Loved One, emmabeaney6

First, thanks for taking a little time out of your day to come and be here. My hope for this site is simple:
Come Closer Together…. To encourage everyday women (like you) to come together and inspire and encourage one another.
Come Closer to God… My hope is that through the articles and materials on this site you will come closer to our heavenly Father God who loves you so wonderfully.

Articles on the site are written by myself and everyday women who simply want to share with you their own experiences. We are all on a journey and the women who contribute to Come Closer are no different. None of us have the same story. We have all faced obstacles, some harder to imagine than others, but we know that God is real and able to help us and YOU every day no matter what your past or present situation is.
So, take a look around… Why not start by reading a poem that started us on this journey called ‘Come Closer’.
Be inspired. Be encouraged.
Emma Beaney

(Emma Beaney is the founder of Come Closer, based in Milton Keynes. Emma believes in encouraging individuals to rise up, with dignity, strength and compassion; knowing their identity in Christ and understanding God’s unique plan for their lives, and the rich treasury he has for them. Women (and Men), who, for such a time as this, will  encourage, support and cheer one another on through the gritty places of life as well the victories. To be generations together who will impact our communities in loving authenticity, be light in the darkness as followers of Jesus, and listen inventively to the Holy Spirits promptings).


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