Come Closer

Come Closer Day – Saturday 14th July 2018

BOOK YOUR FREE TICKET NOW USING EVENTBRITE, OR EMAIL MEGAN@COMECLOSER.ORG Hello Lovely One, This is your invitation to join us for the Come Closer Day! Our heart is that you will take the time to invest in yourself and come along.  We are fully expectant that our God will do what only He can do,… Continue reading Come Closer Day – Saturday 14th July 2018

Come Closer

Thoughts from Rebekah

Today we have Rebekah Taylor sharing with us. Rebekah lives a genuine life worth learning from. Full of integrity. She carries her Heavenly Father's heart for the vulnerable and those struggling. Rebekah spoke at Come Closer in February, and below is a small taste of what she said. This is so worth your time. So… Continue reading Thoughts from Rebekah